29 August, 2014

"Coming Attractions . . . "

Steve Finn Photography
Greetings all!

Yes.  After a hectic and productive couple of weeks . . . I'm back in the saddle here at Tartanscot.  Swing back by this weekend - I've got a whole lotta fabulous to share with you for this week's "Sunday Runway" post.

Until then,

(image from HERE.)

27 July, 2014

"Sunday Runway - Michael Bastian Spring 2015 . . . "


To even the most casual reader of my little design/fashion blog - my admiration for menswear designer Michael Bastian is well documented.  I have a few picks from his upcoming collection for Spring of 2015 - inspired by the American Southwest.

Take a look - and let me know your favourite!

Enjoy -


images from here. photography by Noah Johnson.

18 July, 2014

"SMW Design in HB for July/Aug . . . "

Scot Meacham Wood Design in the July/Aug issue of House Beautiful


We are completely delighted around here at the SMW Design office to see this darling picture from my own home included in House Beautiful's "Show Us Your Cocktail Table" editorial in the July/Aug issue.

"Our tiny house calls for flexibility.  These two small, nickel-plated, 
faux-bamboo table from the 1940's for the room perfectly - but can be 
moved easily if we're having a party and need more space." 

The rest of the issue is kinda AMAZING with beautiful projects from both Peter Dunham and Nick Olsen.

Nick Olsen in the July/Aug House Beautiful
Peter Dunham in the July/Aug House Beautiful 
Keep an eye out for the new issue - featuring fantastic "small spaces" from around the country - with Peter Dunham's place on the cover . . .


16 July, 2014

"Q&A with SMW - The Entry . . . "

Photo: Victoria Pearson, Design by Windsor Smith; Courtesy of Scot Meacham Wood (headshot)

Q: "What are your best decorating tips for entryways and foyers?" —Joan A.

Ashley Whittaker for House Beautiful
(photography by Thomas Loof)

A: Joan, because first are impressions always so important, I've always believed that the foyer is one of the most vital design elements in one's home. It acts (and not just metaphorically) as the portal between you and the world outside your door. Thus, I find it incredibly important to create something very specific when I'm designing one for myself or for any of my clients. Here are a few things on my mental checklist as we begin work on a new entryway:

Miles Redd for House Beautiful
(photography by Thomas Loof)
1. The Lighting
I like using either a pendant fixture or a table lamp — but always on a dimmer. In my own home — because of the layout of the space — I use an antique carriage lantern set on a simple, quiet glow as a nightlight for the whole house. It also means that I never walk into a completely darkened house.

Scot Meacham Wood for House Beautiful
(photography by Thayer Allison Gowdy)

2. The Surface
I think every entryway needs a flat surface as part of its design. It's just the simple mechanics of needing a place to drop the incoming mail, your sunglasses, etc. Personally, I always keep my keys and wallet on a small chinoiserie chest in my foyer so that I always know where they are. Being able to shed some of the trappings of the outside world immediately upon entering your home is important.

For the rest of my advice . . . click here


10 July, 2014

"#TBT - Ward Denton . . . "

Glen Feshie Lodge Scotland, Denton/Gardner Design


This one's actually kinda funny.  I was once again surfing through some of my early posts and ran across this missive on the amazing work for New York interior designer (and fellow Ralph Lauren refugee!) Ward Denton.  I vividly remember the evening when I first wrote this.  I don't quite remember what had first drawn be to this google "image search" - but, I recall looking up from my computer screen only to notice that it was something like 2am.

As I began to pull this post together for our "#TBT" posts . . . I thought I would poke around and see if I could find any additional images of Ward's work . . . and once again . . . I looked up to see that it was 1am.  lol.

"And . . . Right Down the Rabbit Hole . . . "
Jan. 29, 2010


There are always those very specific places that remind you of very specific people. And walking through the Ralph Lauren store (at Madison and 72nd) last week during my trip to New York always brings back memories of the amazingly talented Ward Denton.

Ward was the creative director for Ralph Lauren/Madison Avenue when I was working in creative services in California - and I can still remember waiting to see those first images of a new window change, or home collection installation that always bore the mark of Ward's detailed genius. And if that wasn't enough - he collected tartanware boxes as well.

The home of Ward Denton and Christopher Gardner

And I was SO delighted when the home that he shared with Christopher Gardner was featured in Elle Decor in early 2002. His great style and panache clearly translated easily into his warm, comfy home.

such great playfulness.

Such great style.
(I love the paint colour(!) and the miles of Bennison Stripe textile)

So, of course, tonight I've been searching far and wide - throughout what seems to be a large portion of the internet - looking for images of Ward's work. And with very little success. But, thankfully, here's another obvious favourite. Possibly one of my favourite projects I've seen anyone do : The Glen Feshie Lodge in Scotland, designed of Denton/Gardner.

Someday, when I grow up - I want this dining room.

I'm still trying to catch-up after a long week away from the office . . . I have a sneaking feeling that the next few day are going to be more 'work' than 'weekend.'


03 July, 2014

"Parade. Rest . . . "


Sending out good wishes for a Happy 4th of July celebration - and (hopefully) a relaxing weekend as well.


01 July, 2014

"Q&A with SMW - Entertaining Outdoors . . . "

Photo: Nicolas Smith; Courtesy of Scot Meacham Wood (headshot)


With the 4th of July coming up this week - it feels like we're just in time to start thinking about some serious outdoor entertaining.  I had the chance to chat about this a bit on House Beautiful's ongoing Q&A w/ SMW series - 

Q: "What are your best tips for outdoor entertaining?"  —Stacy L.

SMW Design, East Hampton NY
A: Stacy, 

Lately we seem to be getting an unusual number of outdoor-related questions from folks. I'm going to chalk it up to the aftermath of the long, national nightmare we experienced this year that's known as "The Winter of 2014!"
As we move into the proper summer months, I think heading outside to entertain is the best idea. Here are a few of my favorite guidelines for outdoor entertaining: 

1. Just because we're outside doesn't mean we have to be casual!
Entertaining outside doesn't have to mean paper plates and disposable table linens. For me, nothing says "We've invited you over to join us" more than beautiful china, etched glassware, and monogrammed table linens. Entertaining is all about hospitality and making your guests feel special. Every time you entertain, you should strive to create an amazing, magical evening that your guests will always remember.

2. A flower for every place.
Since we have to deal with forces of nature outside (like wind), instead of doing a large display in the center of the table, sometimes I like to use smaller arrangements of flowers at each place setting. Vintage mint julep cups are a great option for small personal arrangements. You could tuck a name card into the flowers and let your guests take them home as a memento of the evening.

For the rest of my advice - check out the entire article here


29 June, 2014

"Sunday Runway - Scarred . . . "

Ollie Edwards for Ralph Lauren 


We're going to re-visit our ongoing series "Model Behavior" today on Sunday Runway - and check in with the always chic Ollie Edwards from London.  Unlike the ladies of modeling - often the guys go un-named - and thusly unknown.  Let's try and fix that a bit.

You might easily recognize Ollie from his years of work with Ralph Lauren . . . but, besides his icy good looks . . . he's often more well-known for his scar . . .

He has joked in several interviews about the details of the scar . . . but, will usually fess up to the facts of the injury.

" . . . As to how he got his infamous scar? He reveals 
as a child when he was about four years old, he 
used to have a slip-and-slide in their back garden.  
He was going down and went over a chipped stone 
and it sliced him up on the stomach. But when 
strangers asked him about his scar, he would 
always say he was cut by a Samurai sword. 
It's much cooler."

for Hackett of London. 

for Ralph Lauren 2014. 

For GQ Magazine, 2014 

on the runway for Nautica. 

Fall Ralph Lauren Purple Label.
For more from our "Model Behavior" series - check here and here.


27 June, 2014

"Mark D Sikes in Veranda . . . "

The Home of Mark D. Sikes from the July Issue of Veranda.


Run.  Run - do not walk.  Find your local newsstand.  The new issue of Veranda Magazine is available for sale.  And you'll find the lovely home of Los Angeles interior designer Mark D. Sikes gracing the cover.

I was able to get a sneak peak at a few of the images for the spread.  Amazing.  Inspiring.  Truly.  Just like a fresh Summer breeze wafting through the french doors . . .

Enjoy -

"Every room opens onto the garden, and windows 
and french doors are flung wide to draw in the breeze."
- Mark D. Sikes

"Lily, a french bulldog, sits in the tented guest 
room that was inspired by a 19th-century version 
at Charlottenhof palace in Potsdam, Germany. 
Walls and ceilings in Carolina 
Irving Textiles linen."

For more of Lily's adventures - click here

 " . . . the home is resplendent with design references 
from many sources: there are slipper chairs in the 
living room (classic Billy Baldwin) and matchstick 
blinds in the mirrored dining room (a nod to 
Michael Taylor), and the Braquenié tree 
of life pattern Hubert de Givenchy used to cover 
a guest room at his château outside Paris. Sikes 
pulls it all together with a Californian sense 
of ease, managing to combine sunny interiors 
with an elegance that never once veers 
into fussy territory."

So . . . next time you're shopping for magazines for inspiration - keep an eye out for . . .


(All images courtesy of Veranda Magazine.  Photography by Roger Davies)

24 June, 2014

"Q&A with SMW - Summer Entertaining . . . "

Photo: Matthew Hranek, Design by Tom Scheerer; Courtesy of Scot Meacham Wood (headshot)


As some of you may know, I've been a regular columnist for HouseBeautiful for the past several months, answering numerous (and often thought provoking!) questions from House Beautiful's readership via their FB page - so I thought I share a few of my favourite entries with you over here on the blog.

And with summer entertaining coming on full steam - this seemed appropriate for the season . . . 

Design by T. Keller Donovan (photography by Bjorn Wallander for House Beautiful) 
Q: "How do I create the perfect home bar? —Susan C.

Design by Deirdre Heekin and Caleb Barber (photography by Ditte Isager fpr House Beautiful)
A: Susan, maybe it's just the Southerner in me, but I've always thought that one of the most important aspects of our homes is the need to open our doors to entertain others. And most likely, if you're hosting friends for either an eight-course meal or a Super Bowl party, you're going to need to whip together a drink or two — and thusly, the need for a home bar. The good news? One doesn't always need a built-in wet bar in order to entertain guests — sometimes all you need is a flat surface and a few supplies.

by Phillip Gorrivan (photography by Brian Doben for House Beautiful) 
1. The Booze
Um...duh. One can't very well have a bar without liquor. I think you should stick to the classics — a selection of gin, scotch, whiskey, bourbon, vodka, and a few red and/or white wines.

Artist Richard Woods (photography by Alec Hemer for House Beautiful) 

2. The Mixers
Again, I like to keep to the classics: Flat and sparkling water, juices (maybe orange and cranberry), some soda or tonic water, and possibly a soft drink or two.

3. The Ice
Always be sure you're well-stocked on ice. You're going to need about 10 pounds of ice for every four guests. Nothing says "It's time for everyone to go home" like running out of ice.

For the rest of my suggestions . . . click HERE

Cheers indeed!

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